Loss of faith in people

June 16, 2009 at 9:19 am (1)

Gone are the days of good neighbors, me thinks.

Not saying the guys to the left and right of me are bad people, they’re actually quite nice, but in general, it seems people have lost their willingness to help another.

This may sound way too melodromatic, but stay with me on this short-term journey through a sad day in society…

I live in a neighborhood where there is just enough space between houses where you can’t hear dry humping or bed rocking, but you can hear abusive vulgarities directed at women who clearly don’t know their place. ( I KID, I KID.)

As I usually do, I decided to take my dog out on a bike ride throughout the neighborhood, about 1.5 miles round trip.  We go on the same route, see the same people, so its very familiar.  When the neighborhood sees a brown guy being pulled by a grey dog, they aren’t even surprised any more.

Last night, we make it not more than a block up, where I notice a 17-year old kid on crutches, hobbling in the middle of the street.  As we get closer, a random dog runs up to my dog.  The kid in crutches lets out a faded scream, “please don’t move.  He won’t hurt you.  please see if you can hold him there!”

I start to watch this kid hobble over in crutches.  Turns out – the dog is his, it ran out of his house an hour and 15 minutes ago, and he’s been trying to track the dog down and catch him.  I stay my ground, and manage to hold my dogs leash in one hand, and snag this dog’s collar with another.  The kid hobbles over saying thanks.

I hand over his dog, he tells me how no one was helping him, saying thanks often… As he’s doing this, the dog sneaks right out of the collar and just TAKES OFF.  So now, I tell him i’ll help, while other neighbors are literally sitting / standing on their porch.

I bike my dog back to the house (he’s utterly confused) and then hop in my car to drive hobbledy around when we catch the dog.  Sure enough, the dog chooses to continue to evade.  I watch the dog run from yard to yard, for about 20 minutes.  I’m chasing after this dog, the kid on crutches is practically crying in pain and loss of energy, meanwhile, half the people in these houses come out, watching in vain as I’m trying to corner this dog.

A lady comes out, smokes a cigarette, then yells out, “that dog better not sh-t in my yard.”

I yell back, “maybe you should get off your ass and help.”
this of course is taken with a “how dare you!” look, and still no movement.  Thankfully, the dog pissed on her bushes.  I scream out, “good dog” as other neighbors laugh.

Finally, 20 minutes goes by, and I manage to corner the dog, eventually bear-hugging him because he has no collar.  At this point, the dog is full of grass, dirt, and water from the rain puddles.   Wonderful.

We get the hobbled kid into my car, then the dog on his lap (aint no way someone elses wet, stinky dog is sitting on my seat.)  And drop him off at his house.  It turns out, he lived just 1 block away.

In all this time, there were about 20 people outside, only 1 of which offered to help, and 1 more offered some dog treats to try to call the dog over.

Within 1 year, i’ve helped catch and bring back 4 different dogs, all while receiving little help, and hardly any gratification.  At one point, I walked a dog to the front door, rang the bell, and the teenage kids saw me at the door, and wouldn’t come to it.  I had to say, “hey, I’ve got your dog, and if you don’t open this door, i’m just going to let him run off, and you assholes can catch him yourself.”

Anyway- the point I was trying to make in this long, conveluted story, was that it seemed no one else was willing to help.  Everyone would rather watch the entertainment.  I guess that’s where this whole reality TV schtick has taken us… “Reality – Its like HD TV on a big screen, assuming something’s on!”

Maybe its people afraid to help because of all the random lawsuits… the ones you hear about people helping others out of burning cars, then being sued for harming them by pulling too hard.  Maybe its people’s indifference to everything, because they think no one will help them.  Maybe it’s just a lack of morals and principles.  Whatever it is, it just left me dissapointed last night with people.

That being said, I’m still going to be that one dummy who will try to help out.  Hopefully one day that might get repaid, but I have no faith in that anymore.

(Wow, that soapbox held together pretty well.)


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  1. bonnielangley36894 said,

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