it’s been a while…

March 10, 2009 at 8:47 pm (1)

Where to begin?

still working, which is good.

Currently in Grad school – another 7 more classes to go and I’m done  (Summer 2010)

Still Awesome.

Bought a house.

Got married.  (Lost some awesomeness.)

Still hate Colin.

Got a dog, training him to kill. (Not in the Michael Vick way)

Currently sitting in my Business Law MBA Class and wishing I was drunk.

Did come to a realization a while ago that College really was a paradigm shift ago.

Hangovers hurt more, drinks cost more, and you actually need to plan out your night (and transportation)

I guess that’s a decent, quick update on where I am.  I’ll come up with more entertaining stories as I choose.

For now – remember this one nugget:

Gold is at an all time high.  The time is right for you to take all your old gold “jurrry,” place it in an envelope, send it away to some company, then expect fair market value in cash back to you within 2 days.  Then, take a vacation of a lifetime!


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