May 20, 2007 at 2:56 am (Uncategorized)

Discl;aimer – to prove a point, i have chosen to not use the backspace button on the following post, primarily to showcase my retartedness while being druink, but also, to truly see how i fair in a witty blog that i am trying to type straight out of my thoughts.

bare with me a moment and be amused in my intoxication.

The concept of this post is to capture the very essence of what is the drunk Kyrish.  That is his random thoughts, wants, goals, and dersires.  and probably not any of those in any form of order whatsoever.

Hey, what do you want from me, I’m drunk.

OK – background… Mary and Eric had their annual “summer drinkathon” or whatever they want to call it.  Suaree, party, shindig, whatever.  I figured it’s only right of me to bring beers, of which i would drink a generous sum of.  (which i did)

at said gatherign, I was with a few of my old friends from my 2003 Junior year days, when I was an RA at Alden Hall.  All these peoples were my residents, and yes, we partied hard.  cuz that how we roolled.

(again, I apologize in advance for the poor spelling and lack of true thought that goes into a blog, but as I had said before, the purpose of this is to truly catch teh very essence of a drunk Kyrishm, including this apology, taken completely out of context)

Anyway, where was i?

I like the feeling of being intoxicatied.  Not because I am drunk, but because it is one of the few times wehre i fee l like i can get awaty with a variety of things.  A prime example being calling every body in the room crackers, white people, or the like.  Primarily because there were quite a few caucazoids at said part,y , and unuallly because the few minorities that were involved, were much like me …. loud and straight to the point.  It waS QUITE AWESOME.

sorry, the caps lock was on.  Again, no usagfe of backspace allowed.  I think i’m doing pretty good.

OK, i’ve realized thjere is no point to this rant.  I also realize that i’m very hungry, and tired.

so perhjaps this is where the story ends, my dear friends.

Also, your mom is a whore.  a dirty, vaginal secretion of a whore.

Maybe that doesnt make sens e right niow even to me, but nonethe less, I stand by my statement.


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