2007 NBA playoffs

May 25, 2007 at 11:39 am (Uncategorized)

I first want to get these thoughts out there on my website before I go ahead and read them on ESPN or any other website:

The 2007 NBA Eastern and Western conference playoffs SUCK.  And so will the finals.


First, let me get back to the Cavs-Pistons game last night.  For any of you less fortunate who actually tuned in to watch that garbage, I share your pain.


Let’s start off by saying WHAT A TERRIBLE GAME TO WATCH.  So slow moving, so many breaks, I couldn’t help but change the channel numerous times.  It was flat-out terrible.


Now fast-forward to what they’ll all be talking about… the last seconds of the game, where LeBron “finally” drove to the hoop and stuck with the shot.  I was absolutely, positively certain I witnessed the Detroit shooting guard Richard “Rip” Hamilton HACK THE BLOODY HELL out of lebron.  It was as bad a beating that you can get in the NBA without getting sucker-punched by a retreating Carmelo Anthony.  Of course, the refs didn’t do their job.


LeBron did what he was “supposed to” in this case, which was to take the last shot.  There were some major issues here, however…

  1. there was waaaaaaaay too much time left on the clock.  Assuming it went in, the Pistons still had a solid 10 seconds or so to get that last-second opportunity.
  2. Everyone knew it was going to, and staying in the hands of Lebron, after the fiasco before when he “deferred” to Donyell Marshall (the right move, if you ask me.  The “Michael Jordan wouldn’t do that” argument doesn’t hold, because how many times did Paxson or Kerr hit the big shot?.) and the play prior, LeBron passed off to Sasha pavlovic, who was so shocked to even get the ball, he carried, walked, and turned it over.
  3. Because everyone knew it was going to LeBron, EVERYONE watched.  (look at the lack of movement from the rest of the Cavs)


So LeBron drives in, gets abused worse than Michael Vick’s dogs, and the refs don’t blow the whistle.  (backlash from last years touch-foul on Dwayne Wade? Or even worse, backlash from suspending the other referee for threatening to fight Tim Duncan?)

What truly killed me, however, was the reaction of Coach Mike Brown, who should be fired as soon as RIGHT NOW.

Ok, LeBron didn’t get the foul, and Larry Hughes and Anderson Varejao didn’t get the putback.  Marshall still fouled Chauncey, and your ONLY DOWN 1.  Worst case scenario, Chauncey hits 2, Cavs are now down 3 AT WORST, and there’s STILL TIME ON THE CLOCK.  (Granted, it was about 1 second, but it only takes 0.3 seconds to catch and shoot a set shot 3 pointer.) But what does Coach Brown do? Throw a freaking PANSY ASS TANTRUM in the middle of the court, causing a technical foul, now pushing the worst case scenario to 4 points, or 2 possessions.  (the Pistons aren’t dumb enough to foul if they’re up 4 with 1 second left on a 3 point play, and even if they did, it probably wouldn’t have been called anyway)


And then at the end of the game, at the post game interviews, Mike Brown opts to take the high road.  HEY YOU FAT IDIOT, THE GAME HAS BEEN LOST.  THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN IS YOU GET FINED 50K.  YOUR FAT ASS SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIRED.  DON’T TELL ME “YOU WERE JUST CAUGHT UP IN THE MOMENT.”  Ignorant shit.


Now onto the Western Conference.  It’s the Jazz versus the Spurs.  The Jazz are like a Junior Varsity team playing against an all star team.  What’s the point of even trying? The only way the Jazz win 2 is if they get Tim Duncan drunk at a bar the night before the game, then kidnap him.  (wasn’t there a REALLY bad movie about this with the Celtics?)

I choose not to write any more about them, because there really isn’t much to say here.


Oh wait.


The Jazz have cool looking jerseys.


Here’s what we get to look forward to: Spurs versus Pistons.

 I’m pretty sure I’ve already seen that episode before…


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May 20, 2007 at 2:56 am (Uncategorized)

Discl;aimer – to prove a point, i have chosen to not use the backspace button on the following post, primarily to showcase my retartedness while being druink, but also, to truly see how i fair in a witty blog that i am trying to type straight out of my thoughts.

bare with me a moment and be amused in my intoxication.

The concept of this post is to capture the very essence of what is the drunk Kyrish.  That is his random thoughts, wants, goals, and dersires.  and probably not any of those in any form of order whatsoever.

Hey, what do you want from me, I’m drunk.

OK – background… Mary and Eric had their annual “summer drinkathon” or whatever they want to call it.  Suaree, party, shindig, whatever.  I figured it’s only right of me to bring beers, of which i would drink a generous sum of.  (which i did)

at said gatherign, I was with a few of my old friends from my 2003 Junior year days, when I was an RA at Alden Hall.  All these peoples were my residents, and yes, we partied hard.  cuz that how we roolled.

(again, I apologize in advance for the poor spelling and lack of true thought that goes into a blog, but as I had said before, the purpose of this is to truly catch teh very essence of a drunk Kyrishm, including this apology, taken completely out of context)

Anyway, where was i?

I like the feeling of being intoxicatied.  Not because I am drunk, but because it is one of the few times wehre i fee l like i can get awaty with a variety of things.  A prime example being calling every body in the room crackers, white people, or the like.  Primarily because there were quite a few caucazoids at said part,y , and unuallly because the few minorities that were involved, were much like me …. loud and straight to the point.  It waS QUITE AWESOME.

sorry, the caps lock was on.  Again, no usagfe of backspace allowed.  I think i’m doing pretty good.

OK, i’ve realized thjere is no point to this rant.  I also realize that i’m very hungry, and tired.

so perhjaps this is where the story ends, my dear friends.

Also, your mom is a whore.  a dirty, vaginal secretion of a whore.

Maybe that doesnt make sens e right niow even to me, but nonethe less, I stand by my statement.

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