Work Sucks

September 28, 2006 at 7:39 pm (Relating to Work)


here’s a great idea to boost morale…

firstly, you give everyone monkey work, which can easiley be described as monotonous, droning work that even a simple ape could do while drunk off a bottle of Jim Beam.

next step, you yell at the monkeys for slacking off when there is no monkey work to be done, because it has all been completed in a timely fashion and done well.  (because lets face it, even if i was a ‘Tard with down syndrome and no arms, I would still be able to do this work)

finally, 10 minutes after you threaten to fire them, you give them even more monkey work, with the phrases, “these are very important” and “an auditor WILL come knocking, asking you questions that even I dont know, and expect you to take responsibility for this”

Hey, thanks for making an employee feel wanted, welcomed, and enthusiastic to try hard.



1 Comment

  1. Mary said,

    Hey, you could star in an Office Space sequel….start writing a screen play.

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