How do some of these people get Jobs???

August 29, 2006 at 12:14 pm (Relating to Work)

This is an actual conversation, the only things changed are the names, and reporting information.  We had this conversation through our Intranet Instant messenging system.  What baffles me is, She is 1 level higher than my boss, in official term. 

Arvia – hi
Kyrish – hello
Arvia – for the report julian is using to capture held invoices, is that just —– data?
Kyrish – I dont know, I have not seen Julians report, I am not Julian, and I am not on his distribution list
(there is silence, and because she is retarted, I contact Julian FOR her)
Kyrish – this is what Julian says: for the one I send now yes, but I am working on a new one.
Arvia – i don’t understand
Arvia – would like to know if you do another report for ____ as well as _____.
Kyrish – I do not, Richard creates the report.
Kyrish – that is done weekly on mondays.
Arvia – and that would be similar to what you do?
Kyrish – similar in aspects, yes.
Arvia – will you ask julian to work with rich to make sure we capture that data as well?
Kyrish – His e-mail address is, I dont think it would be right for me to ask him on behalf of you.

Seriously… how the HELL did they hire her?  were they like, “hey, you sound stupid as shit, but we need another mexican lady, YOUR HIRED!”


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