Weekend roundup

August 28, 2006 at 1:43 pm (Random Awesomenessity)

I’m back.

Left Thursday in the daytime to go to Niagara Falls.  good times, good pictures, very cool over there, nice city.  There seemed to be a LOT more to do there than there was in Montreal.  Atleast in the daytime.  Didn’t really hit any nightclubs or anything like that, went to a couple of bar’s that were walking distance, but they weren’t too shabby at all.  Everything was expensive as hell, though.  Example: Went to get breakfast in the morning, went to the restaurant attached to the hotel.  I’m not a huge fan of eggs, so i skip the $7.00, 2 eggs, hash browns, and toast breakfast.  Not bad, but kind of expensive.  Turns out this was the best option there.

I saw the cheapest thing on the menu, a muffin.  I ask the waitress what type they offer.  “Chocolate chip, bran, or corn”  What a terribly selection.  I ask her to toast the chocolate chip.  She looks at me like i’m retarted and asking her to soak it in blood, too.  “We dont toast muffins here, we microwave them.”  Now i’m thinking this is that whole frenchie bullshit with mayonaise instead of Ketchup for fries or whatever, so i say, “ok, just bring me the muffin.”

Somehow, some way, everybody gets their breakfast before my muffin.  So of course, when my food comes by, people are inclined to view.  What a view they got.

I got 2 muffins.  (don’t applaud yet)  They were the size of the mini-cupcakes you can buy at the grocery store.  I’m not kidding you.  I paid $2.25 Canadian ($2.10 US) for a 1 inch DIAMETER x 1 inch DEPTH muffin.  we are talking 1, MAYBE 2 biters at most.

but that’s not the worst part… Before i open up the menu, i’m ased if i want coffee.  I say yes, she starts pouring, and I open the menu, and i say OUT LOUD, “$2.95 for COFFEE!?!”  she continues to pour.  WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT??? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU CHARGE $3 FOR DINER COFFEE, BUT POUR BEFORE THE PRICE IS EVEN VALIDATED!!!!????!!!!

This put me in such a mood.  I was ready to throw shit right there.  I made sure the waitress got no more than a 5% tip.  Fucking whore.  I hope she takes that $2.25 muffin, sticks it so far up her ass, and then burns herself with $2.95 coffee, so her face gets completely discombubulated.  And then i hope she falls off the falls onto a Jagged rock, only to disembowel herself.

Aside from that, the Falls were pretty dope.  Cool to look at, interesting little factoids.  All in all, i recommend it.  Can’t give you much about the night-life though, hopefully it’s pretty good.

Sunday – CBS Fantasy Draft (money League)  $75 entry fee, $100 if you win the division, $380 to 1st, $190 for second.  Not too shabby.  Hope I do awesomely.  12 teams, I had 8th Pick.  Here’s my team:


QB: Trent Green, KC (7th Round)  

Best QB available by then.

RB: Ronnie Brown, MIA (1st round, 8th Pick)

Liked him better than Cadillac, S.Jax, and Lamont/Rudi

RB: Kevin Jones, Det (3rd Round)

Hoping he does better this year, could be huge under Martz.

WR: Chad Johnson, Cin (2nd round, 16th pick)

Liked him better than Holt, TO.  Fitz and Steve Smith gone

WR: Javon Walker, Den (5th Round)

Needed a good 2nd WR, best avail. housh and wayne gone

TE: L.J. Smith, Phi (10th round)

Run on TE’s this round, after LJ, Jerramy Stevens (yuck)

Def: Bengals (13th round)

Half of them should be on Parole, would need to get frustrations out on the field.


QB: Drew Brees, NO (8th round)

The best backup from all 12 teams, can play the matchups.

RB: Deshaun Foster, Car (4th round)

If he’s healthy, he’ll carry the load, hoping a Thomas Jones effect with arrival of cedric benson

RB: Lendale White, Ten (6th)

Predicting he’ll start by week 6

WR: Deion Branch, NE (9th)

If he goes somewhere, he’ll be nasty.  If he stays, he better play SOON.

WR: Chad Jackson, NE (11th) 

my bigtime Sleeper if Branch is M.I.A.  Physically like TO

TE: Jermain Wiggins, Min (12th)

Told you TE was whack… Wiggins was best out there.

Def: New England Pats (14th)

“Look at the schedule!”  <– Woody Paige

K:   Jeff Reed, Pit (15th)

Whatever.  should get FG’s.  last pick.  Didn’t want to root for Olindo Mare.  Think i’d rather have  hemmorhoid.

If you have any input, i’d like to hear it.


1 Comment

  1. Rich said,

    HAHAHAHA Jermaine Wiggins is wack. Id rather have taken Boo Williams or Mensi Duma.

    Honestly, though, you dont have a bad team, though I would start Foster over anyone on the Lions (though they are a playoff team this year)

    As for the falls, gosh darn it that was rough. Unless Juan Valdez was pouring it for you, you def should have beat the bitch.

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