Isaiah is at it again…

August 17, 2006 at 12:19 pm (Sports rants)

I’m just not shocked any more…. Isaiah has reportedly tried to get Chris Webber and his 42 millions over 2 years contract, to probably be the biggest failure of all, in a “go big or go home” ideaology.  

Chris Webber, still hampered by the aftermath of microfracture knee surgery at 33, is due more than $42 million over the next two seasons — a perfect fit for the Knicks’ seemingly infinite budget… The 76ers have approached the Knicks … about Webber, league sources say, but weren’t offered enough.

The package offered by Thomas starts with Quentin Richardson (with his back issues and $33.8 million over four seasons left on his contract) and Maurice Taylor (whose $9.75 million contract expires after this season)

  • The rest of this article found here

Let me sum it up this way:  The Knicks want to get C-Webb’s bad knees at 21 million a piece for the next 2 years.  They picked up Jared Jeffries at 5 million a season (or 1 million per point scored a game) to backup C-webb, and they’ve got 5 year, 33 million dollar Jerome “I played well enough the final week to get dope money from the knicks, even though i suck harder than Chris Dudley” James to come off the bench and backup Eddie “my heart might explode any second” Curry. 

And to top it off, they have two undersized shooting guards making over 100 million each, trying to play point guard, while your small forwards are Jalen Rose (42 mil) and the now-retired yet still making 16+ million a year Allan Houston, and they are still paying $10 million for a coach who they fired.

now that is a rant.  and the Knicks plain suck.

I’m totally expecting to see this headline by January: “Hakeem Olajuwon out of retirement, Don’s Knicks 34 Jersey, signs for 1 year, 32 million.”


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