Thursday wrap-up

August 16, 2006 at 5:17 pm (Random Awesomenessity)

yeah, I know, it says thursday.  thats exactly what today feels like, for some reason.

I don’t really know why.  This just means tommorow is going to SUCK, HARD, when I wake up and go, “SHIT, ITS THURSDAY AGAIN!?!”

aside from that, all things are gravy.

Boys just called me down to play a little Ultimate frisbee (but more likely FOOTBALL!) in the SUNY Albany fountain, so that will be dope.  And after that,  I dont know, I dont know!?! Maybe a little bed, bath, and beyond?  I don’t know if we’ll have enough TIME!

oh, just a little rant today…

After work, i went to the Gas station to pump gas into my car.  theres a guy in front of me, so i pull up behind him.  I start pumping, and he pulls away.  Now there is a spot ahead of me.

Some stupid lady comes right behind me, sticks her fat head out the window, and asks, “you planning on moving up?”  all sternly. 

Mind you, i’m MID-PUMP.  I’ve filled in $10, and i’ve still got a ways to go. So i told the bitch,

“nope, I don’t move for ugly people.”

She got so upset, she just flat-out left the gas station, perhaps avoiding a confrontation, knowing full-well that if i call her ugly while handling flammable liquid outside my car, she might end up burnt to a crisp.

Either that, or she had to go see her psychiatrist, for some self-loathing issues.

Whatever, she was ugly, and she deserved it.

I think the worst part was, I didn’t think twice about what I was going to say.  In fact, I didn’t think ONCE.


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