August 3, 2006 at 11:08 pm (Random Awesomenessity)

perhaps its just me, but while watching Scarface, one feels the need to yell out, “aye CONJO! (pronounced con-YO) ehh FOCK JOO, MENG!”

Someone actually asked me one time, “why do people like Scarface?”

Really?  You’re asking me why people like Scarface?  what are you, a retard from Japan who watches anime all day and pretends your one of those Dragonball guys who floats around in a cloud or some shit?

If you didn’t know, the appeal of Scarface is that of a primal man, one who speaks from the heart, goes on emotion, yet has enough wit (or street-smarts) to keep himself above water, and has the determination and drive that can not be comprehended by anyone else.

If that wasn’t a good description, you should try watching the whole thing, but take yourself out of your caucazoidal perspective, and start looking from the botom of the social ladder, up.

and call everybody “meng” from now on.

It’s good entertainment, Ii promise.


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