absolutely tired of baseball

August 1, 2006 at 4:11 pm (Sports rants)

It’s bad enough that it’s taking over EVERYTHING and its on at ALL TIMES of the day, but I hate having to read bout A-rod not deserving boo’s, hearing marrioti yelling at Stat boy about why we should / shouldn’t care about a 31 game hitting streak.

seriously? 31 games?  the record is 56.  Let the world know when he gets to 49.

It’s the one sport where the players don’t seem to give a crap about how they do in that game, because, hell, tommorow is another one.

Yes, I totally understand that it is this countries past time, and more often than not, if you are “playing hookie” from work, you are probably at a Cubs / Dodgers / Red Sox game, but lets be serious here, it’s not like its GOLF, people.  (tongue-in-cheek joke here)

I’m just saying, I am so in the need for football, that I actually care that Steve Smith’s hamstring hurts. 

It affects mock-drafts, people.  YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!


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