How does Isaiah manage to do this??

July 31, 2006 at 9:54 am (Sports rants)

This is absolutely unbelievable.

the New York Knicks have managed to pick up an EXACT DUPLICATE of Jerome James.

Reportedly, the Knicks have signed Jared Jeffries to a 5 year, 30 million dollar deal.

Jeffries has averaged 6.1 points and 4.9 rebounds a game.

just to translate, that equals approximately 1 million dollars a point, or 1.2 million for a rebound.

And we are talking about a guy who played on the Washington Wizards last year, with Gilbert “O” Arenas, who has more than a tendency to let a shot fly. 

Q:How hard would it have been to get a rebound that carromed off an errant three, only to extend your arms and put it back in? 

A: about 6 million dollars worth of difficulty.

Maybe next month, the Knicks can over-pay for a trade with Darius Miles and his parole officer.  How would they manage to overpay, you ask?  Isaiah will probably be the first to trade locations with the Portland Jailblazers.

I’m so glad i’m not a Knick fan.  Watching this team go straight to the sh***er is amusing, in a schaudenfreude type of way.

Why not have Reggie Miller night, while you’re at it?


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