my office is messed up

July 28, 2006 at 2:32 pm (Relating to Work)

Me and my co-workers (4 of us in this group) are considerred “externally employed” through an outside company, yet we work on-site.  Well, everyone we work with, whom always “invite us” to those STUPID ASS BIRTHDAY CRAPPY B.S. Things (that can be read more about here ) and all these other lame-ass events, they got invited to go up to the Track for opening weekend.  Technically, we didn’t get invited. 

Thats all fine and good. Whats NOT fine and good, and got me here to write about it, is that all of them (located across the hall, literally 3 steps from us) decided not to tell us about it.  Most of them came in to the office today, and decided to leave at 11.  well, thats great.  sneak around.

Do you really think thats kosher?


Which is why my lunch break was over 2 hours. 

And i’m leaving early.


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