July 25, 2006 at 3:42 pm (Uncategorized)

perhaps I too quickly publish my ability to get away with murder at work, so at this junction of my blog, I have decided that rather than state the obvious on my workload, chronicle the idiocy that is my work.

I have done some stupid things here at work, for example, just yesterday i did a “reply all” instead of a forward, with the context, “you didn’t get this, FOOL!” to a distribution list.  Smart, I know.  But I’m sure there are worse things that could be done. 

For starters, I could be talking about someone being a wife-beater, only to have that same person turn the corner.  I could get caught blatantly reading glamour magazines or books about past wrestling stars at my desk while others walk in.  Hell, I could even burp and fart as loud as possible without acknowledging the fact that it is a.) morally unacceptable, and b.) that there are more than 5 people within smelling vicinity of said released digestive aroma.  But I digress.

Instead, I get caught attempting to send an intranet-based Instant message to my friend and co-worker, with the context that his mother was raped by a dolphin, and incorrectly sent it to my boss.

I guess that’s like 2 rungs below banging a cleaning lady on the boss’s laptop.


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