Random Sports notes

July 24, 2006 at 9:51 am (Sports rants)

– Think Ricky Williams can get a doctor’s note for Medical Marijuana for his broken forearm?  I’m willing to bet 8.6 Million dollars it won’t matter. 

– For every Bengal arrested, an angel gets it’s wings.

– T.O. caught on film eating Chunky Soup, later on denies it, claiming it was Healthy Choice.  Then writes about it, and claims that’s a lie, too.

– not only are all the Yankee’s problem’s A-rod’s fault, he was the reason the stock market crashed in the 80’s, he caused the great depression, he let the dogs out, and he is the reason Affirmative Action is holding back the white’s from getting good jobs.  (and he also provided ideas to Enron’s top decision-makers)

– Did anyone else notice Sergio Garcia’s new sponsor: the Banana Boat?

– While watching ESPN classic, the sports ticker shows “Former NBA All-Star Shawn Kemp arrested on drug charges.”  Sadly, the ticker wasn’t a classic.

– Yao’s comment, “Do i look like a guy with a foot injury?” causes him to trip over a small house.

– French open will start off with inaugural meet-and-greet head butting.

– Barbaro update: not glue.  Yet.


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