July 21, 2006 at 2:04 pm (Uncategorized)

i’ve done approx. 40 minutes of work today.

it was glorious.

then at about 9:15, we did an ESPN fantasy football league mock draft. 

Yes, thats right.  a mock draft.  to practice your drafting capabilities.

2 words about that: Neil. Rackers.

 anyway, that was an hour long thing right there.

and then, after that, i kinda floated around the office, not doing anything.

then, we did another mock draft.

then, i took a dump.

and by this time, it was noon.   My boss sugessted we go to lunch.  you know what that means?  a lunch that can be counted as a work hour.

so we just got back from lunch like 15 minutes ago, because the service was flat-out terrible.  It took the waitress 20 minutes to get our food, 30 minutes for desert, and approximately 12 seconds for the bill.

Dirty ho-bag.

and now, its 2.  And we are doing another mock draft till closing time.


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