how do you make time slow down?

July 19, 2006 at 4:05 pm (Relating to Work)

sit at my desk.

 honestly, i’ve never watched time move slower.  I could probably sit here, write an entire thesis on why time travel is completely necessary, and maybe 2 minutes would have gone by.

 Do I have anything to update you on? Nope.

Job’s still here, things are moving along quite slowly, and I’ve run out of un-blocked websites that interest me here.

And i’ve totally whooped the computer’s ass in solitaire.

and its 4:04.  its moved exactly 1 minute.

No, i’m not a fast enough typer to say I’ve thought this whole thing through and then typed it in under a minute.

And sadly, the two things I’m looking forward to are 2+ weeks away…. Fantasy NFL draft, and Baltimore.



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