Only in Wyoming

July 17, 2006 at 9:32 am (Random Awesomenessity)

3 Found dead in Wyoming

Here’s the kicker, folks…

Laramie police Commander Dale Stalder said investigators were treating the deaths early Sunday as a triple murder but don’t think there is any danger to the community…”We just don’t have all the facts yet,” 

Yeeaaaaaah…. “Don’t be alarmed folks, 3 people are dead, but really, it’s allllll good, ain’t noffin to worry ’bout.  No siree bob.  Now just go back to doin what you was doin, takin care of your cows an’ all that.  See you at Church, Norma-Jean.  Beg ya’ pardon, n’ have a good night, Ma’am.  Billy Joe, quit molestin’ them there chicken fences.”

 Considerring the fact that Wyoming just lost like 15% of their population in that murder scene, don’t you think there should be a little caution?


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