here I go again, on my oooown…

July 6, 2006 at 3:38 pm (Relating to Work)

walking down the only road, i’ve ever knoooown.

 You ever realize how many crappy songs you remember/know about, just because you see those commercials for, “AWESOME ROCK of the 80’s, volume 23!”

It really puts a dampening n my mood when i realize that although I was born in the early 80’s, my only coherent and vivid memories came from the 90’s, thus making me a 90’s child.  When rocking out to Pump up the Jam by Tecnotronic and 2 princes by Spin Doctors was actually cool.  When hating corporate America was not really a clear hypocrisy, as groups like Nirvana only made money off their music.  (Ironically, Kurt Cobain’s likeness is being used in the Hard Rock Cafe’s las Vegas gambling floor for an electronic 1-armed bandit.)

Anyway, not really sure how that came into focus, perhaps I just wanted to reference Tecnotronic every once in a while.

I don’t really know if this can be classified as a revelation, or some random thought that just seemed to pop into my head, but what I do know is, Whitesnake will forever live on in our memories.

sidenote:  Ever wonder what happened to Denver the Last Dinosaur?  He was our friend, and a whole lot more, until he got moved to 2:30 in the weekdays, where most of us came off the bus at 3:15, thus exiling him to distant memories.


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