3rd of July is like a holiday in Prison

July 3, 2006 at 2:40 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ll put it to you like this:

I’m one of 7 people in the office, out of 25.

My Boss isn’t here.

My Boss’s boss isn’t here.

And the stand in for my Boss’s boss isn’t here.

I dont think there is anyone Per se that is in charge, not like we need someone to be in charge anyway.

So now you are thinking, “why are you even there?”

my response would be, “why would I waste a perfectly good day off, when I know that I’m not doing anything anyway?”

here’s what I accomplished so far:

8 AM – got to work, got a dope parking spot, because no one is here.

8:15 – turned on the computer.

9:00 – actually opened up my microsoft outlook.  filtered through e-mails.  nothing needing immediate work from my end.

9:05 – ESPN.com

10 AM – went for a stroll.

10:30 – downloaded a file that needs to be worked over on wednesday.  Took all of 5 seconds.

10:30:05 – “vegged out”

11:15 – rocked out e-bay.  watching one of my bids, about 3 hours left.

12:30 – lunchtime.  went home, played a quick game of Madden (14 – 10, Falcons over Green Bay.  stellar production from Mike Vick, too.  quite proud of myself there.)

1:30 – bidding war, I won, I rock.

2:00 – Nintendo DS time.

2:30 – now I am here.

so let me revise that for you a lot quicker – I’ve spent 5 minutes and 5 seconds doing “work related” stuff.

and I’m leaving early because no one here gives a shit.

Working for the Man?  more like working the Man. 

wait, that sounds kinda gay.  Whatever. 


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