June 27, 2006 at 3:03 pm (Relating to Work)

its almost incredible.  I haven’t been completely, utterly bored today.  I’ve had a busy morning, what with one of my co-workers not being here, and me needing to take over one of her responsibilities, and of course, my own little diddy.  And then, by lunchtime, sure, i took your normal cubicle-dwelling break, where we sort of focus out of the real world and sit on our asses wonderring, “hmm, I wonder whats on the ESPN?”

so after about an hour or so of just chillin on the internet, i decided to get to one of our more mundane tasks.  Had to go through approximately 50 invoices, check to see why they haven’t been paid.

And because this is such a lame task, I’ve decided to get my ghetto on.

“Yo, whats really good with this invoice?”

“oh snap, son, check this dope shit out, these fools be invoicing us TWICE for the same thing, cuz we didnt pay them the first time!  what they think we is, the govament?  word up, i aint got that paper.  i aint payin this, fuuuuuuuuuuuck dat, ‘nah mean?”

Now, keep in mind, i’ve had type this conversation in my head for the last hour or so, so forgive me if i feel like buyin some 22’s for my cubicle, that spin counter-clockwise.  But what if, just what if, I decided to get myself some office-bling?

Memo to Jacob the (recently imprisoned) Jeweler – Lemme get one a dem bling-blingin staplers, SON.  that shit would be the HOTNESS.

I’d bring a new meaning to thug life at a cubicle.  Rock out some radio-edited Tupac, (you aint shh… without yo’ homeboys) wavin my fo-fo around, spinnin the 22’s, while tellin cats, “chill the fuck out son, I pay you when i pay you, BACK THE FUCK OFF.  WHAT WHAT, NEEYUCKA.”

yeah.  That would be cool.



  1. R BO said,

    Yo thats what I am talking about!!! Apex Representin’ strong for da 06!!!!

  2. CME said,

    Holy shit my 1 hour report kept you busy. Niiiceeee son….. Well I’m taking it back when I return from vacation. Or else I’ll be completely and utterly bored!
    How many walks so far this week?

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