what to do, what to do

June 22, 2006 at 1:33 pm (Relating to Work)

unfortunately, I don't have much rage / animosity in me right now to create quite an entertaining blog, simply because i feel like a ship in the middle of the atlantic with no sails up.  Completely aimless, goalless, and void of all want to do anything.

And that can pretty much sum up corporate cubicle life, couldn't it?

The feeling of comfort, knowing full-well every morning, that the hardest decision you will probably have to make at work is, "should I make myself a turkey sandwich for lunch, or a frozen meal?" has clearly taken a stronghold over everyone here at the office.  We are not being challenged here at all, and whatever work we do get, seems to be getting more and more mundane.

It's almost as if we are being under-utilized for a reason.  Either that, or we are seen as computer monkeys capable of very little with mild direction.

Ah well, I dont care.  I exact my revenge on corporate life by entertaining myself in various forms.  Today, I'm reading comics, spending waaaaaaay too much time on the web, and I also plan on rocking out a little bit of Madden on my Nintendo DS, which I opted to bring into work today.

Maybe if something gets me riled up, I might opt to spend some more time on this website later on, and express that which ales me. 

Till then, Love, peace, and comic-book grease.


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