June 20, 2006 at 12:16 pm (Relating to Work)

This is a fictional conversation made up while two coworkers were talking that fake office talk I mentioned in one of my first blogs…

Rich and I are playing off on how stupid their conversations truly are.   We were IM'ng these statements to each other, pretending to be them, while the fake conversation was within earshot.  It definitely helped sustain the displeasure of having bloody ears and distraught equilibrium from actually listening to said conversation.

Kyrish:                oh yes

Kyrish:                the lake

Kyrish:                cant wait

Kyrish:                i'll get my "skidoo"

Rich:                yeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh

Rich:                me neither

Kyrish:                note pronunciation

Kyrish:                not skee-doo

Kyrish:                but skid-doo

Rich:                all the non animal by product beer

Rich:                its a great time

Kyrish:                yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh

Rich:                that wave runner

Kyrish:                maybe my J Crew swim trunks

Kyrish:                and my coach floatees

Rich:                o my god…..I have those in blue

Rich:                they are soooooooo cute

Rich:                dave so doesnt like that

Rich:                it doesnt represent the "bidonkydong"

Kyrish:                dave only wears his yellow swim trunks

Kyrish:                because it matches his snow mobile

Kyrish:                and i can't stay too long in the water, the tofurkey makes me gassy and  bloated.

Rich:                yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah

Rich:                i i tried baking it

Rich:                but it was too rubbery

Kyrish:                yeaaaaaaaaaah

Kyrish:                what i do is, i put it on the grill

Kyrish:                but not the meat grill

Kyrish:                thats daves side

Kyrish:                its yellow too

Kyrish:                to match the snow mobile

Rich:                yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh

Kyrish:                he painted the grill one day

Kyrish:                but he never does the sheetrock!

Kyrish:                im like, "Daaaave!

"Rich:                and I was like totally flipping

Rich:                like

 Rich:                my parents are coming in 2 weeks!!!

Kyrish:             so i decided, you know what, dave?  i'm going to the outlets!

Rich:                in LEE

Rich:                because those are better than the lake george ones

Rich:                and none of the stores have yellow

Kyrish:              theres more J crew stuff there



  1. C M E said,

    Oh my goodness. Ha ha ha…

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