Its only 9 AM…

June 19, 2006 at 9:28 am (Relating to Work)

And already I can tell that the suckitude of this day can only be verified by living through it.

I don't have much work to do today because one of my co-workers is out, and she is/was waiting on a report from someone else. (i'm the 3rd degree in this project… How unbelievably efficient we are.)

And in case you missed the sarcasm on that, YOU'RE A GODDAMN MORON.

This weekend, like all weekends past, has gone by too quickly.  I realized a while ago that when you start working 5 days out of the 7, and the other 2 are spent running errands, fulfilling social/family obligations, and doing the 2 loads of laundry you manage to rack-up every week because you are forced to wear 3+ outfits a day (work attire, running/sweaty attire, evening attire, and, depending on your daringness to walk around nude in your not-so-well-covered and unmistakeably bachelor-esque windows with no curtains apartment, sleep-ware, you are looking at TOO MUCH DAMN CLOTHING) that you really run out of time, and you are left to wonder to yourself, "how has this time gone by so quickly?"

Gone are the weekends where you spend most of your time recoverring from the night past, hanging around, making the rounds to all the nearby dorms, and just relaxing with college buds.  Now it becomes, "oh man, I haven't seen them in a while, even if they are just 15 minutes drive away from me… I have to make time to see them, but I can't because of …"

those … 's translate to: Birthdays, Weddings, more birthdays, and more weddings.  And when all that is over, you become too cheap to even splurge on the 1 gallon ($3) worth of gas to meet said person.  "why don't we meet over lunch?" becomes "how about i just call them after 9 PM when its free"

So if we spend 5/7Th's of our life sitting at a desk, staring at a monitor, then getting out, saying, "man, that sucked, now i'm going to jog, then shower, watch PTI in the background while cooking some 1-minute pasta, (which of course, you some how fuck up, making some big ordeal with the milk boiling over, running out of butter, all while trying to hear Kornheiser rip into Wilbon for enjoying the company of Mark Schlereth in his hot tub) and THEN go out." It's already become 7 PM.  and you've spent the last 12 hours doing shit you don't really deem worthy of mentioning unless you're currently sitting at your desk wondering how to pass time.

This leaves us with only 2/7th's of the week/month/year trying to do everything and anything you can.  and when you've done that, you become BROKE.  so lets reduce that 2/7Th's to 1.5/7Th's.  Of that, you can pretty much attest that there is about 1 day every weekend where there is SOMEWHERE you have to be.  Whether its family, a wedding, or dealing with a friend overdosing on crystal meth because he thought it would be cool to buy pot from some guy named "Azlar," a well-known scumbag who told him it was "High quality shit, maaan," There is always a pre-existing function to be killing your own time, which we can deem as 0.5 days on average. 

This leaves you with 1 full day, out of 7, to yourself.

and then you realize, real life sucks.

Authors Note: To my knowledge, I don't ever recall anyone O.D'ing on crystal meth, nor do I keep in contact with someone who frequents that narcotic.  I figured it was funnier than the word "shrooms" or "crack-cocaine."  Contrarily, "PCP" would have been funny as well, but I was going for the home run, not an over the wall double.  I did, however, witness some kid tripping BALLS off acid right next to the Lionheart pub, being restrained by officers while he yelled out, "GET OFF ME MOTHER FUCKERS I FUCKING HATE YOU MOM YOU FUCKING BITCH I CANT BELIEVE YOU DID THIS TO ME YOU STUPID WHORE SHIT" even though his mother was clearly no where to be found.  Talk about blaming someone else for your issues…  my friends and I sat there, around 1 AM that night, witnessing this debacle, and simply said to ourselves, "man, only white people do this shit.  only white people." 

Knowing full well that if any one of us pseudo-dark but incontestably non-white folk were within reach of the PO-lice, we would have had our asses beaten and a smoking gun placed eerily close to our fingers.  And some pre-snorted coke smudged on our faces.



  1. mstracy said,

    Quality material. This post serves as proof that you’ve at least found a way to alleviate some of the pain from the “suckitude” of your day.

  2. C M E said,

  3. dave tran said,

    hey Kyrish long time no see. how are things? my life is pretty much on the other side of the spectrum.. ever since quittin gmy job a few months ago all i do is sleep, party, race my motorbike, and try to find a way to survive on zero income. it’s interesting but it’s got it’s downsides, like the feeling that i’m not really going anywhere in life. hope your suckitude is manageable, drop me an email when you got the time.

    -in Saigon

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