holy crap

June 9, 2006 at 1:43 pm (Relating to Work)

I've never been one to shy away from the fact that my job is a cushy job, primarily because of the idle time that occurs in between processes.  But there certainly are down-times.

A lot of my work is time-oriented.  Certain large projects are done monthly, certain larger ones quarterly, and quite a few are weekly reports.  This means that I know what needs to be done at what time of the month/week.  I.e., every tuesday and wednesday, such-and-such reports need to be completed, and every 2nd Fiscal week of the month, to expect another report to be created, and on the 3rd week of the final month in the quarter, one would have to unsheeth excalibur from the stone, and wreak massive havoc amongst unsuspecting foreigners who walk around wearing sweater vests and think that people actually want to talk to them about how they beat their wives at home and set them on fire with kerosene because they put a little too much spicy curry on the rice.

Well, this week was a semi-slow week.  I have some tasks lined up for monday, and today (friday) was to be me organizing for monday.

I had everything that i needed to get done, completed by about 9:30 AM.


Because the internet was running rather slowly.  ESPN was not loading fast enough.


 It's actually gotten worse right now.

I'm basically sitting on my hands, doing just about nothing.  I've finished the last 1/4 of my book, REAL ULTIMATE POWER: The Official Ninja Book (hey, i needed some funny readings thrown in after all the real reading i've been doing as of late, anyway) And am currently writing this blog in MS Word, because of the slowness of the network.  I've played solitaire and went 12-2, and I got tired of minesweeper.  And Sweatervest Steve still has about 1 week left before I exact revenge on him for making me listen to him talk about Calcutta or whatever the hell he was talking about.

If only this damn internet was working better.  Maybe I should start writing a novel or something.

But it can't be about ninjas, because that has already been done.


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