Point scale and equations written down

June 7, 2006 at 2:31 pm (Random Awesomenessity)

This is a very hot topic of debate between men:

 The scaling of women. 

Now I would propose we all try to get on the same scale, but each person's views/opinions/ wants are completely different… But here is a rough example of a scale put together, along with mathematical equations showing how the scales can be alterred.


 For a better view, click the image itself.

a good example on the MFF theorem:

if girl (a) is a 6, and girl (b) is a 4, you would get 10/2 times the remaining factor, illustrated in the image

in MFM: girl (c) is an 6.  6+2 / 1 if you get an H, BUT… if there is anything NEAR slightly gay (sword-crossing, possible deflected sperm shot) then you divide by 2, making her a 4.

Granted, there are plenty of things to be worked out with this, which is why it is simply just a theorem.

***ADDENDUM: very important – I just heard a statement saying, "girls may move up the scale if you are drunk"  This is NOT the case.  This is why we have a scale. 

perfect example:

Cadet Beer McEvoy – Claims he has bedded more 8's and 9's than anyone.

prime evidence –

Beer: Jessica Alba! BAAAABYYYYY!

Clark: No, Beer.  It's me, Clark.

Beer: Riiiiiight, i get it… an "alias."  smart!

Clark: Ok, whatever, quit touching my ass.

Beer: So when is your friend Jennifer Lopez coming?

Clark: Bass is outside, getting the beer from my trunk.



  1. R BO said,

    According to the scales, I may end up with the dreaded 8.6 or a 6.6

    Girl is 4.5 under the FMM Category. Def no sword fights going to go on and thats a fact. And no, you can not have a girl look hotter under beer goggles. That is like rooting for both the Mets and the Yankees because “they are from New York”

    What is this? The bisexuality of a chick scale???

  2. Roy said,

    Shocking! –roicfpba

  3. Clark "The Sword Fighter" said,

    Who’s down?

    Rooting for the Mets & Yankees is very justified. Just leave the state of New York, and you will appreciate more than ever, the fact that a) we have baseball, and b) we have two teams.

    I think FMM is gay anyway. I would run a train before doing FMM. Unless Eifel Towering was a sureshot. However, once the tower was completed, I would tell the other gentlemen to leave while I finish business.

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