lunch crowd at the Microwave

June 7, 2006 at 12:54 pm (Relating to Work)

I did a very foolish thing…

I went over to talk to rich at his cubicle, which is located right by the microwave, at 12:30 PM  (lunchtime)

Yeah, great idea… Now I'm stuck in a conversation, standing up.  Consistently shifting my weight back and forth, to make sure my legs don't fall asleep, much like my mind was.

As Rich, myself, and hungry fake conversationalist are standing circa the microwave, a conversation ensues, along with numerous akward pauses.  Every now and then Rich and I glanced over at the microwave, anxiously anticipating the countdown to lunch. 

"ok… 2:41 left…. ok, 1:06… :05, :04, :03, :02…. Saved by the bell!"

but no, of course not. 

we must continue this conversation for a minute more, as the food is cooling down.

Damn you frozen food.


1 Comment

  1. anthony said,

    HAHAHAA that’s awesome!!! DAMN YOU FROZEN FOOOD!!! hahaha

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